Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eat or Gift Cookies

We had the opportunity to bake cookies all weekend to sell at the Twin Springs Farmers Market. Recipes that I usually make in small batches I times-ed by 5 to make over 800 cookies... We had fun cooking together, but also spending the day at the Market. The Saturday Twin Springs Market is in a church parking lot where John and I both grew up (Montgomery County, Md). It is run by Jimmy and has been for over twenty-five years--way before the DuPont Circle Farm Market was even a thought... What is amazing about this market (besides the STRAWBERRIES) is the people who show up there– show up every week, line up long before the market opens, and have been for the last 25 years... evidence that the so called food revolution should be thought of more in terms of an evolution and that we should be wary of so called food revolutions that ignore many pleasurable apparatuses and practices that are already in place... We hear over and over again what we are doing wrong, when maybe we should focus on is what we are enjoying right...

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