Thursday, May 28, 2009

Louise Fresco

As a thinker about global sustainability Louise Fresco challenges the one dimensional solution of returning to our past agricultural methods as a fix to the present. She confronts the issues of poverty, hunger and technology concluding that a mixed solution incorporating old methods with new innovations will holistically nurture our planets citizens and environment.
Check out her talk , Feeding the Whole World, on TED. (it's only 15 minutes)

Fresh, The Movie

I felt very fortunate to see a premiere screening of the movie Fresh, last night. The filmmaker, Ana Sofia Joanes, says Fresh is, “new thinking about the way we eat”. This perspective comes from examining individuals involved in sustainable farming and food production and the juxtaposition of their methods with those of conventional farming.
The movie featured the inspirational farmers Will Allen, of Growing Power, and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. They were in the audience to speak on a panel and answer questions after the movie. As the movie ended, they walked to seats in the front of the theater for the discussion amid a moving and enthusiastic standing ovation.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Joyful Wedding Flowers

The wedding I did for this weekend was a joy. The bride had a unique love for non traditional color combinations, funky vases and was open to whatever local flowers were available. The wedding was held in an old historical house and we placed lots of little beautiful and mismatched vases, brimming with local colorful flowers, on bookshelves, ledges and basically anywhere that could hold a vase. The brides bouquet was primarily white but there was some yellow incorporated into it because that is a color she has an affinity to. The bridesmaid dresses were a neutral graphite color and I was encouraged to use any colors I wanted for their bouquets. The flowers cooperated and this was the first week that I was able to get coral and deep red peonies, mock orange, snapdragons, ammi, spirea and garden roses. These and many other flowers were incorporated in the joyful arrangements. The photo is of my work table but I will post photos from the event when I get them back from the photographer.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

District Weddings

Deep into the wedding season right now! I am excited about my upcoming weddings, at least one each weekend for the foreseeable future. Local flowers are at their best and my garden is full of beautiful flowers that I am incorporating into bouquets and arrangements. This time of year I am also meeting many new couples to discuss plans for fall and winter weddings as well as Spring 2010.
A few days ago I was featured on a local wedding blog, District Weddings, that is a great resource for anyone in the wedding planning process...check it out.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First CSA Share Of The Season

This is the third year that we have joined the Clagett Farm CSA.
Yesterday we were excited to collect our first share that consisted of strawberries, rhubarb, pop corn, salad greens, asparagus, green garlic and a few basil plants. Getting food through CSA' s which stands for Community Supported Agriculture is a delicious and economical way to get fantastic local produce at a reasonable price while supporting a small farm. To find a CSA near you check out Local Harvest.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Michael Pollan Live

I was fortunate to see Michael Pollan speak about his book In Defense of Food, Friday evening. I have read his books and magazine articles, watched him speak on the web and was excited to see him speak in person. His intense research, deep knowledge and professorial delivery empowers. Even though much of my practice embodies what he talks about I have had a heightened awareness since Friday evening. If you have not read any or all of his books, I highly suggest them. In the meantime as stated on the cover of In Defense of Food, “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants”.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Restaurant 1508 #1

Food, wine, conversation, music and flowers all came together as one on a beautiful spring evening.

All produce came from local farms, primarily the Path Valley Cooperative in Path Valley Pennsylvania. Salad greens and herbs were from the garden of 1508. The cardoons came from Davon Crest Farms in Trappe Maryland. The wines were flawlessly matched by Tom Kiska. Music selections arranged by DJ Dredd and flowers generously gifted by Bob Wollam. Ultimately it was the enthusiastic diners who joined us for this debut evening that made it a success.

We are looking forward to number #2 where all of 1508 has been booked for a birthday. We will announce another evening open for reservations shortly.

May 1 2009
passing in the garden
-Cardoons with Lemon, Lemon Verbena and Chives
Borage Agua Fresca, 360 vodka

-Roasted Diver Sea Scallop with Rhubarb Compote on Kohlrabi
-Asparagus with Wild Garlic and Sorrel (Fingerling Sweet Potato for vegan option)
-Sprouted Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Shoots with French Breakfast Radish
Cremant du Jura Brut Rose, Domaine Tissot

-Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Amaranth and Leek Compote
-Hand Ground Roasted Cornmeal Cornbread
Samur Blanc Chenin 2007, Domaine Bourdin

-1508 Baby Greens, Pea Shoots, Morel Mushrooms and Garlic Green Salad
-Spelt Foccacia
Coteaux du Languedoc 2003, Domaine Coston

-Braised Beef with Parsnip, Salsify, Scorzonera and watercress
Over Olive Oil Mashed Potato (French Lentils for vegan option)
-Salted Herb Bread

-Tomme de Recolette with Pine Nut Crackers (cashew herb for cheese vegan option)
Bagatelle Samur Rouge 2006, Manoir de la Tete Rouge

-Pear, Asian Pears and Apples with Salty Rosemary Walnut Shortbread and Crème Fraiche (Soy Sour Cream for vegan option)
Vin Santo del Chianti DOC 1997, Villa da Filicaja

-Chocolate Sorbet made with Divine Chocolate on Chocolate Torte with Mint Anglaise, Cocoa Nibs and Mint
Les Vignes de Montgueus Blanc de Blancs Brut, Lassaigne

-Cookies: Coconut Macaroons, Lavender Biscotti, Salty Olive Oil Popcorn

Equator Coffee, Lemon Verbena Tea